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“Checking by walking”: Europe’s largest beverage bottler relies on QMApp



The REFRESCO group of companies is the largest bottler of soft drinks and juices in Europe, with more than 60 production sites worldwide. For several months, preparations have been underway at REFRESCO BENELUX to implement the company’s new quality program using the QMApp from universalsolutions gmbh at the Holland site. Now the time has come!

The goal of the program is to replace the “traditional quality control” – quality data was previously written down on paper or entered into stand PCs – with “dynamic on-site inspections” which are entered directly into mobile devices (tablets) and thus documented.

The QMApp offers employees the advantage of carrying out quality inspections on site at the lines and performing the inspections in a meaningful, quick and easy way in terms of content by means of photos/videos. The producer can, if desired, make the quality data or the predefined reports available to the customers online. The customer is thus involved ONLINE in the production process.

With the QMApp, universalsolutions gmbh has developed a new form of mobile, fact-based quality control! The customer has direct insight into the production processes, the quality control is carried out by the employees at the producer “directly at the production facilities – i.e. in passing”.

Some advantages for the customer and producer when using the QMApp:

  • Many possible applications: The customer can also use the QMApp for additional areas such as waste management, employee briefings, fire and safety inspections, documentation of external data (laboratory data e.g. QUANTOS).
  • Full transparency for customers: If desired, the customer can call up the QMApp data at any time in the form of freely definable reports (such as batch records) on the areas of the value chain.
  • Linking of data: Analysis results from analyzers such as “QUANTOS” are linked into the QMApp and supplement the quality checks in the “batch records”.
  • Real-time documentation: With the QMApp, employees receive a “mobile quality tool” with which you can perform meaningful quality checks in real time on site.
  • Time savings: Employees can make decisions on the spot and document them immediately.


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