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Hospitality in gastronomy and hotel industry

“One click, one look – we make hygiene visible for your guest”.

HOSPITALITY 360° & HOSPITALITY 360° with QMApp Viewer


Currently, in the field of “Hospitality” (hospitality in gastronomy and hotel industry) there are a lot of requirements from different authorities in the areas of hygiene, safety and employee training.
These legal requirements must be met and documented by the restaurateur and hotelier. The QMApp from universalsolutions gmbh was developed for such tasks, and meets all legal requirements.

Hospitality 360° covers all relevant gastronomy & hospitality tasks.
The QMApp has been in daily use for several years and is rated by all users as very user-friendly and suitable for everyday use. The feedback from customers (users) is the basis for the continuous improvements made to the QMApp. All data is stored encrypted in the QMApp.

Hospitality in gastronomy and hotel industry

The Hospitality 360° Concept includes the areas:

✓ Perfect kitchen

✓ Perfect bar – & service area

✓ Perfect hotel guest room with QMApp Viewer

✓ Perfect Spa & Wellness

✓ Perfect housekeeping & maintenance (external appearance)

✓ Perfect employee training or education

✓ HACCP risk assessment

✓ Integration of external service providers (such as pest monitoring, dispensing system control)

✓ Checks and tests to be performed regularly can be carried out with the TASK FUNCTION – they will be reminded

✓ Multilingualism of the questionnaires makes it easier to understand the questions

Simply test the QMApp Hospitality 360° concept yourself

The goal of Hospitality 360° is to make “hospitality services” measurable and traceable.
Visual impressions can be documented very easily and meaningfully with photos and videos. Hospitality 360° can ensure that all legal requirements (ASCHG, Federal Ministry Hygiene Guidelines, GHP) are met or exceeded (“beyond compliance”).
Hospitality 360° represents a uniform or harmonized quality management system for all operations.

With the QMApp, all results (test protocols) can be viewed centrally at any time and can also be changed in a traceable manner.
Questionnaires or checklists can be easily created on the web and assigned to the respective users. On mobile “devices” (smartphones, tablets), these questionnaires can be filled out very easily. A mobile connection does not have to be available, the QMApp also works offline. The questionnaires were created according to the guidelines of the BM and have proven themselves in practice during inspections by authorities.

"One click, one look - we make hygiene visible for your guest".

HOSPITALITY 360° with QMApp Viewer

Your hotel guests would like to know which cleaning and disinfection measures have currently been carried out in your hotel room? You want to take away the uncertainty from your hotel guest and inform comprehensively, reasonably and based on facts? With the QMApp your hotel guest receives with one click on his cell phone a reasonable information basis about the current hygiene standard of his booked room!

Your guest scans the QR code on the display in his room and receives the last cleaning and disinfection protocol of his booked room. He sees how, when and according to which cleaning and disinfection specifications his room was cleaned. Pictures of the room, bathroom and WC in the protocol prove the cleaning and disinfection measures carried out.

And it works as simple as that:

  1. Scan QR code (or enter link)
  2. Your guest sees current cleaning and disinfection protocol on his cell phone

"One click, one look - we make hygiene visible for your guest".

With the QMApp, you can make the daily work to be performed, such as cleaning and disinfection, measurable and thus meet all legal requirements in the catering and hotel industry. The comprehensive Hospitality 360° program ranges from employee training, incoming goods inspection and temperature monitoring to the integration of external service providers such as pest controllers and building cleaning. The QMApp has been used in industry for quality control for years and meets all quality and data security standards.


Time saving

Immediate completion,
Finalize & send checklists

Legal compliance

"Legally sound", complete documentation

Task creation

You can easily create tasks and assign them to users. The tasks can be one-time or you can define certain repetitions of the tasks.

Photo and video function

For different image resolution qualities and recording time

Signature field

Sign on mobile devices


You can translate questions into any language and select the language you want.

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