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New release 12.0.0. online since 01.01.2023 – Fourteen new functions for users!
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After 180 days, the new release of the QMApp goes online with 1.1.2023. Software developer Jens Reindl has both fixed “bugs” of the old version and reprogrammed many additional facilitations for the customers and users of the QMApp software.

“Feedback from our customers and sales managers served as the basis for the improvements,” points out IT specialist and managing director of universalsolutions Jens Reindl, referring to the practice-oriented ease of use of the QMApp. ” We listened to the questions and wishes of our customers and found and implemented good solutions for them, such as a bar/QR code in the WEB or report filters,” says Reindl.

New functions simplify the application:

  • Report Filter
  • Caching questionnaires
  • Bar/QR code on the web
  • Pre-/Post-Action
  • Layers in reports
  • Min/Max in formula
  • Time format in formulas
  • Run report annually
  • Yes/No/K.A. Questions with target values
  • Collapse question categories
  • User right to order extensions
  • Questionnaire categories
  • New period ‘Quarter
  • New master data import


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