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New release 1.10. – QMApp with new intelligence


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The time has come. The universalsolutions team releases the new QMApp Release 1.10 with more helpful features.

The following new features are available:

  • Task scheduling (must be unlocked for an additional charge)
  • Target value specifications for responses with direct display on input (red/green)
  • Data import via QR code when filling out questionnaires, incl. Targets
  • New report types: overview report, target/actual report, target/actual overview report
  • Automatic execution of reports
  • PDF design in questionnaires and reports adjustable
  • Background color for questions
  • The sender address of information emails is changed from noreply@universalsolutions.eu to noreply@qmapp.eu!

Task planning made easy

The Task Scheduling function allows you to define one-time or even regular “Task” tasks. These tasks are linked to the respective questionnaire (checklist) and user. The user gets the reminder of the tasks to be done on the app or web app depending on the task definition. New is to pre-fill questionnaires. The user saves having to enter general data again and again for recurring quality inspections.

Data import and color code for decision support

With the new data import, they can import so-called “master data” via QR code into the questionnaire. You can import product-specific data or specifications for certain “questions”. The user receives feedback on the fulfillment of the target value specifications by means of a color code (green = compliant with specification, red = out of specification) immediately after data entry! This new “intelligence” helps to avoid errors.

Automated and individualized report retrieval

You can also call up the new report types overview report, target/actual report, target/actual overview report “automatically” in the new release. The reports are created as usual for the respective user(s)/addressee(s). You can set the frequency of automatic report generation and report sending individually by email.

Individual design of questionnaires and reports and background colors

New is the creation of individual designs of questionnaires and reports in pdf format. For example, you can assign different logos to different questionnaires and reports.

You can structure complex questionnaires more easily with different background colors in “Questions”. These visual aids will help you find a better and faster “orientation” questions in the questionnaire when used regularly.

With the new functions of version, you can perform quality inspections more easily, more quickly and also more securely. The feedback from the QMApp helps the auditor make fact-based decisions. Immediate reaction to errors or deviations is now possible.


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