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One of the most important tasks in the industry is the simple and meaningful collection of quality data where the quality inspections take place.

That is, in the production area directly on the production line.


With the QMApp you keep track of the supply chain of your product. Together with the respective responsible partner, such as the manufacturer, logistics provider or transporter, you track the value creation of your products on their way from the raw material to the “point of sale”.

Together with the responsible partners, you define the so-called “quality gates” as important points in the supply chain that you want to control. Depending on the requirements, you can check your products for specification compliance, i.e. “completeness of requirements”. In case of non-compliance, you can document the deviations such as damage during “cross docking” of transport damage.

You can easily define and implement the installation of quality gates with external partners. A global deployment of the QMApp with multilingualism is possible at any time.

Goods receipt
Raw materials

data management

The QMApp helps you to query data in a standardized way. You can enter these unified queries at any time on mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet, or online via the web interface. You can query and evaluate your data centrally at any time.

All changes in the default form are immediately applied in all end devices. You can use the QMApp globally with the help of multilingualism.

With the QMApp, you can also make recurring inspections visible via QR code. You can retrieve the last test report at any time by scanning the QR code on the tested device.

Quality and process management there, where products are created

QMApp - "Gold Standard in Industry 4.0

Refresco, Suzuki and KTM are well-known companies that already use the QMApp for rapid and reliable data collection in their process and data management. Timely decision making and centralized data storage are two of many benefits for the industry.

Quality and process management where products are created
One of the most important tasks in the industry is the simple and meaningful collection of quality data where the quality inspections take place.

That is, in the production area directly on the production line.
The QMApp is installed on tablets, mobile phones or scanners. Employees perform the control tasks directly at the control point. At the same time, quality data and inspection records are recorded centrally and reports are generated according to customer specifications.

Our customers rely on full transparency
Especially in contract manufacturing, the customer can – if desired – view quality reports in the QMApp web application. The customer thus has full transparency during the creation process of his product.
The QMApp is implemented for the individual production processes along the value chain. The involvement of external service providers (suppliers, service organizations, transport & logistics, warehouses) is possible at any time. The goal is full transparency for customer and supplier.

Standardized data management – no problem!
The standardized collection of data such as sales figures, scrap figures, turnover is indispensable for successful companies. For this purpose, the QMApp offers a simple and data-secure way of collecting and transmitting data.
Standardized questionnaires/checklists with a
wide range of question types (including dropdown, multiple answers, photo, video function) guarantee rapid data collection. The user can analyze the data in the QMApp web application. Synchronization with other systems via web service is also quick and easy.

“Checking by walking”
– Quality controls made efficient!

  • In contrast to conventional quality controls at PC terminals, the production employee can
    Quality checks using tablets now performed directly on the production line
  • Unnecessary and time-consuming routes are eliminated
  • The tablet as a testing and documentation system is permanently available for quality checks
  • Meaningful questions and diverse answers, photos and videos help employees make fact-based and understandable decisions

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Time saving

Immediate completion,
Finalize & send checklists

Legal compliance

"Legally sound", complete documentation

Task creation

You can easily create tasks and assign them to users. The tasks can be one-time or you can define certain repetitions of the tasks.

Cost savings

Up to 80% cost savings through optimized processes


You can translate questions into any language and select the language you want.

Audit function

The audit function allows you to define additional information such as severity, actions, responsibilities, or the timeline for completing tasks.

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